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Tear Film and the Various Forms of Treatment to Control Dry Eye - Dissertation Example

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Tear Film and the Various Forms of Treatment to Control Dry Eye

MDEQ, McMonnies & Ho Dry Eye Questionnaire None Invasive Tear Break Up Time. A time of less than 10 seconds between blinks is considered to be diagnostic of dry eye. ( The Eye Digest ( 2003) PRK ,- photorefractive kerectectomy, a form of non invasive refractive surgery Punctal plug - small medical device made of silicone which is inserted into the tear ducts or puncta in order to block. This results in preventing the drainage of liquid from the eye surface, thus retaining moisture on the eye surface. Schrimer Tear Test – special filter paper measures the volume of tear production. Sebaceous glands. Glands which produce products from the substance of the gland Sjogren's syndrome. A systematic inflammatory condition which can cause damage to the lacrimal gland. TFBUT- Tear Film Break Up Time Introduction People experiencing dry eyes may complain that their eyes feel dry and irritated, sore, gritty, ,itchy , burning or scratchy. They may feel as if there is a foreign body present. They may also complain of excess watering and possibly experience a blurring of their vision. If the condition is advanced sufficiently there may be damage to the front surface of the eye and vision is impaired mechanically. The purpose of this study is to discuss the effects of the physiological changes and environmental factors brought about by ‘dry eye’, sometimes called Chronic Occular Irritation, together with the various forms of treatment used to alleviate and control the condition. Dry eye, or keratoconjunctivitis sicca, sometimes referred to as keratitis sicca, is a inflammatory condition of the lacrimal system which includes an invasion of inflammatory cells within the lacrimal glands and the tarsal or meibomian glands. The act of blinking spreads the tears over the surface of the eye. In some cases dry eye actually results in an excess of tear production, but these are tears made up almost entirely of water and which are the body’s reaction to problems. In a normally functioning eye tears serve several purposes. As well as expressing emotion, they provide lubrication, wash away any foreign matter, maintain the eye’s surfaces, and work to prevent infection When this system fails for whatever reason , which basically is when there is an imbalance between tear production and drainage, the result is dry, itchy eyes, because of either the less than optimum quality or the quantity of tears produced.. The condition can be subdivided into a collagen vascular condition - Sjogren syndrome which is associated KCS and, on the other hand non-Sjogren associated KCS. It is found world wide, among people of every race, although the majority of sufferers tend to be female for reasons which will be explained. It can occur because of inflammatory conditions which affect the vascular system such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, infectious diseases such as mumps or in sarcoidosis because of the formation of nodules. It can also be caused by trauma or even a congenital condition. Foster et al ( 2011) claim that the commonest cause is a decrease in tear production ( ATD) due to an imbalance in the substances which create the tear ...Show more
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(Tear Film and the Various Forms of Treatment to Control Dry Eye Dissertation)
“Tear Film and the Various Forms of Treatment to Control Dry Eye Dissertation”, n.d.
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The effects of physiological changes and environmental factors on the tear film (on the eye) and the various forms of treatment to control dry eye Contents Abstract – page 1 Glossary – page 1 Introduction- page 2 Justification- page 6 Thesis – page 6 Method,- page 6 Findings and Discussion – page 6 Conclusion – page 16 References – page 17 Abstract This essay considers the subject of dry eye in humans, its prevalence, definitions and the various mechanisms and conditions which cause it, as well as how the condition can be helped, by medical aid, but also by making life style changes…
Tear Film and the Various Forms of Treatment to Control Dry Eye
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