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Effects of Glutathione skin whitening/lightening treatments on the skin. - Research Paper Example

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This has become craze in Asia and many people there try to consult their doctors and other related clinical experts for this matter since glutathione is promoted as…

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Effects of Glutathione skin whitening/lightening treatments on the skin.

In line with the above stated probable health-related problems with the use of glutathione as skin-whitener, it is important to conduct significant studies in order to prove further some of its noted therapeutic claims. Glutathione is a serious business and even commodity among Asian people who are looking forward to a healthy glowing white skin. For some, it is an investment. Considering these reasons, there is a need to study further the health impacts of glutathione in order to know whether people should get rid of it or continue with their usage.
Glutathione is said to help fight the following health conditions: infertility, human immunodeficiency virus, cancers, cataracts, thyroid problems, liver problems, chronic fatigue, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer disease, Parkinson’s disease, arteriosclerosis and more (, 2011). However, aside from this, glutathione has been found to give significant benefits for the skin because of its ability to give skin its radiant glow, makes its pores finer, improves skin hyperpigmentations, makes skin smoother and clearer, it controls acne and prevents acne marks and certainly slows down the aging process (, 2011).
The discovery of Glutathione was primarily for the suppression of tyrosinase production which is found to be associated with the synthesis of melanin, which is responsible for human skin color (Mishima et al., 1993). This claim was further supported by a study showing that an oral glutathione produced remarkable result of dark skin color reduction compared to its placebo counterpart (Arjinpathana & Asawanonda, 2010). This discovery eventually paved way for the advancement of dermatological care, discovery of advance skin whitening products and so on.
Skin color is caused by various chromophores found in the small blood vessels of the dermis. These chromophores include Oxyhaemoglobin (bright red), reduced ...
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