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Brain vs Left Brain Learning

A fibrous tissue called Corpus Callosum connects the two hemispheres to each other. Now if this connection is cut, the two hemispheres became independent and can think on their own. The different thinking approach of the two hemispheres can then be studied. This was the basis of the split-brain research. However, the present advancement in the field of radiology such as CAT scans and MRI have enabled scientists to view activity of brain without doing any invasive procedures. Seiji Ogawa is a prominent researcher who proved in 1993 that two the hemispheres are not very distinct in their final processing. In fact, they both operate synchronously to perform a higher cognitive function (Duggan). Although there is a mutual cooperation between the two sides of our brain we depend more on one than the other. So by understanding how the right and left brain react to any given input and then coordinates with each other, we can learn how to polish our dominant skills to obtain a more productive output. This differentiation of brain is present from birth but early in life, they need a good communication with each hemisphere and localization is minimal but as they grow up and learn different skills domination of a particular hemisphere takes place. (Fox et al).
In order to understand how each side of your brain learns you need to understand their strength and function. Left side of our brain is logical and analytical, hence, it learns with critical thinking and reasoning. In contrast to that, our right brain is creative and expressive and best learns by the help of visual inputs, colors and imagination. In addition, the right side of our brain identifies negative emotions more quickly and left side of the brain identifies positive emotions more quickly (Fox et al). It is very important that teaching institutions understand these different learning potentials of our brain.
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However, many authorities agree that two hemispheres of the brain are capable of thinking in separate directions. The recent work of Roger…
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