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Health Sciences & Medicine
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Very often, it is easier for the contemporaries to buy food with supplements or food fortified with vitamins. Unfortunately, there are not enough regulations in this field…

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The matter is also about so-called functional food, or nutraceuticals, which is consumed for health benefits. Currently there is a chance to buy food fortified with vitamins, special bacteria or calcium. Moreover, people are focused on multivitamin pills and they consume them in spite of the fact whether they need them or not. Actually, multivitamin supplements are positioned as FDA and not drugs. Supplements are not properly regulated and every consumer should be aware of this fact. Advertising guidelines are properly concerned by the manufacturer and only relevant information is provided for the customers nowadays. On the one hand, advertisements provide the customers with reliable information, but on the other hand, who defines reliability of this information and which organization is responsible for food quality assurance? Therefore, this article outlines potential opportunities of artificial enrichment of our organisms with vitamins, minerals or any other useful supplements, but there is a no a total guarantee of their safety.
On the Official Website of the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) there is a solution to this problem. USP is a scientific nonprofit organization, which identifies, strengthens, qualifies and purifies medicine and different food ingredients or dietary supplements. In accordance with the standards of this company, more than 130 countries in the world develop and manufacture their production. The objectivity of the organization’s searching is proven by involvement of nearly one thousand of volunteer experts. Moreover, there are other international partners, which are proving the safety and reliability of identification activities performed by the organization. This organization was developed in 1820 and even nowadays it has an opportunity to share its experience and expertise with the consumers all over the world. To protect public health globally is the main goal for the USP organization. They go globally ...
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