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Continuous Quality Care ( Surgical Site Infection

addressed are “catheter-associated urinary tract infections, vascular catheter-associated infections, and surgical site infections after coronary artery bypass grafting, certain orthopedic surgeries, and bariatric surgery” (as cited in Brown et al, 2009).
According to a press release dated 31 July 2008 from the CMS Office of Public Affairs (2008), the ‘never events’ are preventable medical errors that result in serious consequences for the patient. As a result, such events cause serious injury or death to the beneficiaries and unnecessary costs to the Medicare and Medicaid systems. According to CMS (2008), hospital-acquired conditions (HACs) are the conditions which were absent before admission and developed during the hospital stay. The benefit is that this step will make hospitals improve the reliability of care they provide to patients.
A surgical site infection (SSI) can be defined as the infection that occurs after surgery in the place where the surgery was conducted. It is estimated that nearly 1-3 patients out of every 100 patients who had surgery develop SSI. Surgical Site Infection takes place because during surgery, one of the body’s most important protective covering-the skin- is opened. As a result, pathogens from the patient’s body, environment, or surgical instruments easily enter the body through the incision made during the surgery and cause infection.
Surgical Site Infections can be minor or serious. Sometimes, the infections go superficial covering only the skin, and sometimes, such infections become serious affecting organs and even implanted material, leading to serious illness and even death. The symptoms of surgical site infections include redness, pain, drainage of cloudy fluid, fever, and so on. In fact, the chances for surgical site infections increase if the patient has an existing health problem and if the surgical site is not properly cleaned. Thirdly, the longer the surgical procedure is, the higher the infection chances ...
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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have selected a number of high-cost, high-frequency events to include in the changed policy of reimbursement; and CMS term them as ‘never events’…
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