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Essay example - What impact do global actors have on Malawi health policy processes

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Health Sciences & Medicine
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It is the leading cause of death among the people within the reproductive age. In the urban areas, HIV prevalence is almost twice than in rural areas. High rural-urban migration has increased the…

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The commission also ensures routine testing for pregnant women to reduce the rate of transmission. The commission oversees the distribution of antiretroviral therapy drugs. This program has been rolled out nationwide at a subsidized price. Patients eligible for ART must be HIV-seropositive, understand the implications, fall under WHO clinical stage 4, 3 and 2, and have less than 250/mm3 of CD4 lymphocyte (Kartikeyan, 2007).
The world Health Organization is one of the global actors in antiretroviral therapy eligibility. The patients have to fall under clinical stages 4, 3, and 2. Stage 2 defines people with respiratory tract infections, Herpes, angular cheilitis, oral ulcers, seborrhea dermatitis, and unexplained weight loss. Stage three defines people with tuberculosis, oral leukoplakia, persistent fever, anaemia, severe bacterial infections, gingivitis, severe weight loss and many more. Stage four contains people with extrapulmonary TB, HIV encephalopathy, Kaposi’s sarcoma, isosporiasis etc. the government makes the guidelines for ART eligibility based on these clinical stages. These guidelines help the patients to access antiretroviral drugs at an early stage. Another actor in fighting HIV is Medicans Sans Fronieres (MSF). This is an international body that delivers emergency medical aid to people unable to access health care, affected by war, and natural disasters. In Malawi, it began its operations in 1995. It launched a program to provide HIV/AIDS treatment. The first effort was to provide treatment for opportunistic diseases in Mwanza and Chirardzulu. In 2001, it started providing antiretroviral drugs to Malawi nationals. The ministry of health had to organize for decentralized health care by workers from Chirardzulu hospitals to regional health centers. By 2011, the program had about 27,000 patients with about 18,000 of them taking ARVs. The program admits about 650 people every month.
A global actor is an organization that ...
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