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Furthermore, deficiency of vitamins such as B-12, an integral component for formation of healthy red blood cells, also cause vitamin related anemia (American Society of Hematology).
Named after the sickle shape that the red blood cells acquire, this type of anemia is inherited. The host’s body is unable to make normal hemoglobin that causes the RBCs to have a crescent shape reducing ability to transfer oxygen. Having a shorter life, these cells die in 10-20 days (United States of America, Department of Health and Human Services). New cells aren’t formed fast enough to replace these dying cells.
G6PD is an enzyme that induces resistance of red blood cells against materials such as sulfa, anti malarial drugs and naphthalene. Its absence causes the blood cells to burst when they come in contact with the aforementioned materials in the blood stream.
The immune system itself attacks the red blood cells causing them to break down. This can take place post blood transfusion or bone marrow transplant. Major types include: autoimmune, alloimmune, and drug-induced anemia (United States of America, Department of Health and Human Services).
Certain diseases such as that of kidney and liver disturb the hormonal balance of the body which consequently retards the production of red blood cells. Chemotherapy, administered to fight cancers, is also known to deter the production of red blood cells in the body causing anemia to the host.
Virtually everyone is at a risk to develop anemia at one time or another during the course of one’s life. However, certain parts of society are more likely to get it than others. Almost 10% of the women going through pregnancy or having large volumes of blood loss through menstrual cycles have been identified to have anemia in US alone (American Health Journal). Moreover, people who have recently passed through major surgery, gotten into accidents causing large amount of blood ...
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However, it was Thomas Addison who later described the symptoms of the general anemia in 1849. He pointed out signs such as paleness of skin color and general weakness of the patient who had…
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