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sport and exercise in health science - Essay Example

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Health Sciences & Medicine
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Before kicking off in any type of exercise program, it is advisable for an individual to obtain an inclusive clearance from a personal or family physician. It is also advisable for one to train under the close supervision of a qualified personal trainer. This is because…

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sport and exercise in health science

Stuart is an experienced New Zealand national and international athlete on the mountain bike scene. Since he entered into the cycling career, Stuart’s affection for the race has all through been blooming. This can be attributed to his slow transition towards the steeper and rockier terrain and the almost carpet covered trails. This was the case in Karapoti in 2000. Another of Stuart’s strengths is that he has learned to always remain in the front countable riders especially on the way to the warm-up climb. He is always putting efforts to ensure that he does not drift back too far. Bringing the gap between him and other leading cyclists is his duty. Besides, confidence has been his portion and this virtue has aided him comfortably out-cycle competitor cyclists (Friel, 1996). Notwithstanding the above strengths, Stuart has, in view of incidences, had little mishap accompanied with a dropped chain forcing him to lose his lead. In addition, there are times when his back and calves tend to burn. Nevertheless, he has learned to contain this by turning himself inside out so as to hold on up the pushing sections. Stuart, being a track sprinter, usually participates in three principal cycling events. These events are the ones to which attention will be given. The three include the sprint, Olympic sprint and Keirin.
This training programme is ordinarily geared towards improving one or a combination of three physiological systems, which include cardiovascular, systems, energy systems and muscular systems. As thus, the training adaptations required include such as fat burning enzymes, mitochondria density, lactic acid tolerance, blood volume, heart stroke volume, red blood cell content, diaphragm capacity, capillary density, muscle mass, muscle strength, neuromuscular adaptation and muscle llb shift to lla (Hendler, 2012). Although there are three types of energies the client- by virtue of being a track sprinter- more requires ...
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