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This way, the implementation of CPOE makes the process of giving care to patients more efficient and effective. Additionally, the implementation of CPOE helps in making cost-conscious decisions by the physicians (Sittig & Stead, 1994). This is because, they already have all the entries regarding patients treatment requirements in a computer, which makes it easier to base their decisions on such information, as opposed to arbitrary or uninformed decision making (Sittig & Stead, 1994). Most significant is the fact that, the implementation of CPOE strategy helps in the optimization of the physicians time (Sittig & Stead, 1994). While recording information on other media takes more time, as does searching and retrieving such information, the case is different with computer made entries. Computer made entries enhance the speed of recording and retrieving information, thus allowing the physician to concentrate on patient care. This way, the implementation of CPOE helps to ensure that a medical practitioner spends more time addressing the patients, as opposed to perusing through books and files in search for information and medical instructions (Sittig & Stead, ...
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The rationale for the implementation of the CPOE is to enhance process improvement (Sittig & Stead, 1994). Here, the implementation of…
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