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Employee Assistance Program

In this context, John would respond better if he were corrected from a positive orientation. Indentifying his positive aspects is vital in the confrontation. My choice for the response is because John has positive performance despite having low scores in socialization.
2-Sharon has recently transferred to your unit. Right away, there are problems. She regularly reports late to work, she talks on the phone with friends constantly, and her performance is not meeting standards. Which of the following is your best response?
Sharon has a serious issue that might lead to her dismissal. However, been a managers my action are expected to be at employee’s best interests and, therefore she deserves another chance. My choice of the response is based on the source of the problem rather than the outcome. Probably, her former place of work did not uphold proper work etiquette and hence her misconduct.
3- George is a long-time employee under your supervision. His performance record is satisfactory. In the past 12 months, George and his wife lost their vacation cabin in a fire, they are financially strapped, and their oldest son was recently arrested for drug possession. George is quiet, moody and often asks for unscheduled leave to meet with his sons lawyer or his accountant. Just yesterday, you overheard him say to a co-worker, “Just leave me alone. The summary report will be done as they always do. Go bother someone else.” You have been documenting these similar occurrences, and you decide to suggest to George that he consider contacting EAP. Which of the following is the best way to approach George?
D is the most appropriate response since it balances George’s professional and personal needs. Indeed, George requires someone who can listen to his problems, before been told what to do. Moreover, confronting him without listening to his side of the story will upset him making him develop negative attitude towards any proposal.
4- You supervise ...
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John is an employee who used to be your coworker, but now you supervise him. His work is above average, he has an excellent attendance record, and others often call on John for help…
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