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Doctors have been able to use the ultra sound technology to observe and monitor the progress of the fetus, while it is growing n the womb of the mother. This enables them to early detect any form of abnormality with the fetus, for example spina bifida. More so, the use of technological advances such as lasers and computers has made it easy for the doctors who perform these surgeries. The use of lasers has greatly reduced the amount of blood lost through most of the surgery, while expansively improving the prognosis of such procedures. This essay details the overall procedure used by the doctors to monitor, treat and prevent any case of fetal abnormality in the womb of the mother. It will also show various conditions that may be treated with the surgical precision, that are associated with the fetus. Procedure The success tempo of fetal surgery is not that good since the procedure maybe accompanied by the loss of the baby through a miscarriage, or even the death of the mother as a result of loosing blood during the surgery. Hydrocephalus and obstruction are the two complications that require the need of fetal surgery to correct them. Obstruction if untreated, may direct to the failure of the kidney, and also the failure of cerebrospinal fluid that hinders the efficient circulation of the fluid to the brain. Fetal surgery is also done to allow the lungs of the fetal develop normally in the uterus. ...Show more


Fetal surgery is the process through which qualified doctors surgically intervene in the uteri, just before birth if the fetus shows any signs of developing complications that will cause harm to the life of the mother, or in the case of congenital abnormality which can be corrected. …
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FETAL SURGERY essay example
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