The more advances that are made in Medicine, the more things stay the same. Discuss - Scholarship Essay Example

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The more advances that are made in Medicine, the more things stay the same. Discuss

This paper argues out this concept by giving the several impacts of the advancement of medicine on patients in the society. This will create the basis of the argument to verify its credibility.
The paper will analyze both the positive and negative effects of advancement of medicine in the society today by looking at various situational cases where advanced medical services are used. The results of the use of advanced medical services lay the foundation of this argument considering its positivity and negativities.
Because of the availability of medical equipment for research and treatment, researchers in the field of medicine have come up with different kinds of medicines which cure various diseases (Alyson, 2014). They have also been able to study complicated diseases in the recent years and have found the cure for some chronic diseases. Biotechnology is a great advancement in the field of medicine making it easy for people to live with chronic diseases. It prolongs the life of people suffering from serious and chronic illnesses by controlling of diseases or the virus in the body of patients. An example is dealing with patients suffering from cancer. Biotechnology has given hope to such patients by controlling the disease through chemotherapy hence prolonging their life span. The use of plastic body parts has also helped individuals to live a normal life (Catalunya, 2014). An example is patients suffering from breast cancer and has lost a part of her breast. Plastic breasts can be used to allow her live a normal life like any other woman.
The advancement of medicine in the world today is due to the evolvement of technology as it improves to make solving problems today an easy task. There are various advancements in medicine today and a majority of them are influenced by the availability of advanced technology in the health sector. Medical advancements are aimed at ...
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Advancement in the field of medicine has had both positive and negative issues in the health sector. Due to the many negative and positive impacts of medical advancement…
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