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When conducting genetic experiments, ethical norms and principals should not be violated and opposed as in the case of Jeremy Rifkin who argues that human gene should not be studied. Informed consent, for instance, should always be considered for it to be a personal decision when conducting the ...
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Understanding the genetic make-up of every individual is essential from the earlier stages of life since a great number of human diseases are as a result of genetic disorders ranging from inheritance to acquired types. Therefore, identifying these disorders helps restraint…
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This chapter introduces a brief account of how the science of molecular biology emerged to a stage where it was ambitiously initiated by the Human Genome Project (HGP). Thus this chapter describes how the HGP came into being and the science behind the project. This chapter also delves into an introduction of the application of genetics and with it, an introduction of the imposed new choices and responsibilities faced by humans individually and as a society. Because diagnosis of genetic diseases without hope of cure is likely to be a norm for many years to come, the present ethical issues are...
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The diseases which were termed as incurable have been treated and overcome through scientific research and experimentation. The field of genetic engineering itself, and the discoveries made under its umbrella are the part of the same journey and process. This trend has been in business for the last few decades, but is being materialized in true sense only now. Human Genetic Engineering is a fruit of the same technological progress that has been seen in recent years. It is a fully established discipline on its own, and a large amount of work is being conducted in this field and many...
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The current available methods of treating and managing retinoblastoma are; chemoreduction, thermotherapy, cryotherapy, radiotherapy, external beam radiotherapy, enucleation and systematic chemotherapy. Chemoreduction reduces the volume of the tumor thus allowing for therapeutic measures, which are more focused and less damaging (Shields, L. Carol and Jerry, A. Shields, 2002). Chemoreduction is used as an initial management of retinoblastoma. The most commonly used therapeutic agents are carboplatin, etoposide and vincristine (Shields, 2004). When an adequate tumor reduction is achieved, focal...
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Nonetheless, molecular diagnosis provides a conclusive diagnosis because it determines whether there is genetic mutation within the FLCN gene in the DNA of individuals who demonstrate clinical symptoms of BHD. Families which are affected by BHD are put under surveillance during molecular studies which aids in genetic counseling. This report will present the molecular and genetic diagnosis of BHD together with a discussion of its clinical manifestations, treatment and management, appropriate counseling and surveillance, relevant clinical studies and the future in the studies and management of...
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What exactly are genetics and genetic engineering? Genetics is defined as the study of biologically inherited traits (Hartl 1). These would also include traits that are influenced by the environment. The fundamental concept of genetics is that the traits of the offspring are inherited in combination from the parents, and by means of reproduction, such characteristics are passed down from generation to generation. The elements that carry the traits are called genes (ibid.).
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Thus, although the effects were inconclusive among lifetime infrequent drinkers, among former drinkers and among heavy drinkers, alcohol consumption seemed to decrease the risk of CVD among those who drink light to moderate amounts of alcohol. Despite the promise of alcohol consumption in the protection against CVD, future studies are derailed by the difficulty in conducting studies on the effects of alcohol and CVD, since dietary patterns, physical activity and smoking all affect volume and type of alcohol consumed and drinking patterns, aside from causing CVD directly. It must be noted that...
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