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How low self esteem affects adolescents and substance abuse

When someone is unable to accomplish the assignment, he might develop a low self-esteem when discouraged about his failure. Because of this, it is essential to support a person whenever he fails an assignment. This process encourages him to work even harder and do things in a different way that can help him succeed.
There are several causes of low self-esteem. Discouragement or disapproving figures often cause a person to feel worthless and useless. During this time, a person might feel valueless because of his negative feelings towards himself. It often causes people to use drugs to calm their nerves (Sorensen, 2006). Such people often feel valueless and useless to the society. This situation encourages them to abuse drugs, which leads to other health defects. Because of this, it is vital to help those feeling discouraged, feel useful to both themselves and the society. Usage of drugs can also cause a person to resort to suicide attempts on his life.
Lack of attention is another factor that causes a person to develop a low self-esteem. It is because of the need to want more, but there is no one available to give. Some people might want more than they have, but lack the right person to encourage them to work hard, or ascend to their request. This situation might lead to substance abuse in order to seek attention. Substance abuse can lead to stigmatization, which can lead to suicidal attempts (Sorensen, 2006). Lack of attention often makes a person feel alone and unwanted in the society. It is because they often feel forgotten and unrecognized. They often feel as if they need to apologize to the society for existing. It often encourages them to commit suicide and end their existence. They might also resort to substance abuse simply because of their unwanted feeling.
When children are born, their parents are often their role models. This process makes parents responsible for all their ...
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It all depends on the overall behavior of a person during different levels of his life. In some instances, self-esteem often has something to do with what a person thinks of…
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