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Profiteering on Disaster Relief - Essay Example

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Profiteering on disaster relief Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date Profiteering on disaster relief When a disaster strikes, governments, corporate, individual, international and non- governmental organizations are quick to give aid. However, sometimes governments offer aid to strengthen political relations…

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Profiteering on Disaster Relief

This is disaster profiteering, though it sounds absurd, it is unavoidable. Steets and Hamilton (2009) say that, there are factors that influence businesses and corporations to engage in humanitarian aid. These are potential for profiteering and corporate social responsibility. For example, on December 26, 2004 parts of Southeast Asia were hit by a Tsunami. More than two hundred thousand people lost their lives and hundreds of thousands displaced. International companies and private businesses gave donations in terms of money, and services like, building websites for tracking victims and transport for personnel and victims from one place to another. For instance, Deutsche Post World Net provided free transport and a cash donation of USD1.5million. The Coca Cola Company provided water and other basic items to several villages and a cash donation of USD2.1million. Microsoft developed websites where volunteers would register for work (Steets & Hamilton, 2009) Steets and Hamilton (2009) further say that, as a result, the companies improved their public image and met public expectations because they behaved like exemplary corporate citizens. They not only marketed themselves, but the impression created had a positive impact on the finances. They also proved to their employees that they are reputable employers. ...
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