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Cancer can also be found in other living organisms man included. At times, cancer breaks away from its original mass and travel through lymph systems and blood. It then lodges its cells to other organs where it stimulates uncontrolled growth. This process of leaving of origin and growing in another part is referred to as metastatic spread (Robert, 2007). Facts and figures There more than 200 different types of cancer. According to National Cancer Institute, Most of these cancers can be sub divided into the following categories. Carcinoma is cancer that starts in the tissues which line (skin) and cover other organs. Sarcoma cancer begins in the cartilage, bone, muscle, fat, blood vessels and other tissue that is connected or supported. Leukemia cancer begins in blood producing tissue, for example, bone marrow. This causes production of a lot of abnormal cells that enter the blood. Myeloma and lymphoma starts in the cells of the immune system. There are also central nervous systems cancers that start in the brain tissues and the spinal Cord (Jemal, Bray, Center, Ferlay, Ward, & Forman, 2011). According to National Cancer Institute 2010, the most common cancers were bladder, breast, rectal, colon, endometrial, leukemia, kidney, lung, melanoma, pancreatic, Non-Hodgkin, thyroid, and prostate. The most common cancers in men in US were lung, prostate and colorectal. ...
It also concluded that the cancers that cause the majority of deaths were breast, lung, liver, colon and stomach cancers. WHO projects that cancer cases will continue increasing with an estimate of 12 million deaths in 2030. The statistics show that some cancers are more predominant in certain areas. For example, stomach cancer is mostly found in Japan. American Cancer Society approximates that, by the end of 2012, there will be about 173, 200 cancers related with tobacco deaths. Scientific evidence indicates that one third of 577,190 deaths will be related to obesity, poor nutrition and physical inactivity. This evidence indicates that these deaths can be prevented. When regular screening is done by professional health providers, can result in diagnosis, removal and detection of cancerous cells at an early stage. When cancer is detected at a stage, it can be treated, for example, cervix rectal and colon cancer. Certain can be detected at an early stage through screening. Examples of these cancers are cervix, colon, and rectum, oral and skin cancer. Cancer screening can decrease mortality for cancers such as cervix, breast, colon and rectum. An increased awareness of breast cancer symptoms and changes can lead to early detection of tumors at an early stage. Almost half of all known cancer cases can be prevented by screening. The chances of being diagnosed with cancer rise with age. The highest portion of people diagnosed with cancer age 77 years and above which account for 77%. Researchers mean different things when they use risk in cancer. Lifetime cancer is used when referring to the chances of an individual who will either die or develop cancer in their lifetime. ...Show more
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Topic: cancer Name: Institution: Professor: Introduction Cancer refers to condition whereby there is uncontrolled cell division. Cells divide uncontrollably affecting the adjacent cells. The affected cells form malignant tumors, which may not necessarily lead to cancer…
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Another way that healthy cells differ from cancer cells is that healthy white blood cells can detect damaged cells, such as viruses, and attack them, stopping them before they spread the virus to the rest of the body. Cancer cells, however, can pass through this system without being detected, which means that the immune system is not notified to their presence (Skehan 15).
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