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American revolutionary era - Essay Example

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Many colonists migrated from Great Britain to gain independence and to seek their own personal freedoms that the King George III clearly neglected. The desire to colonize the new world generally meant more liberation and strong urgency of independence. Undoubtedly, the American revolution has transformed American ideals and lives of ordinary Americans from many aspects. One of the first elements that have been transformed American lives is the concept of individuality and freedom. One of the main causes that initiated the revolutionary war was the geographic distance that separated the colonies from Great Britain. Many colonists migrated from Great Britain to gain independence and to seek their own personal freedoms that the King George III clearly neglected. The desire to colonize the new world generally meant more liberation and strong urgency of independence. This concept of liberation has been the focal point of Americans since the era of colonies to modern day America. The ideals of democracy have been created from expressing individuality rather than conforming to a traditional mainstream society. America continues to take a great pride in individuality from many facets. Each American has the desire to have the prosperous in wealth and have a standard of life of luxury. This attribute can be traced back to the ideals of early colonists, who wanted to isolate themselves from the British rule on the first place. The expression of individuality and liberalism has been consistent element for all Americans and what makes America unique. Another element that has been derived as a result of the revolutionary war that has transformed America to be exceptional is the fact that Americans are conditioned to change and clash against status quo. Unlike other countries that continue to be dictated with status quo, Americans are quick to embed rapid changes to accommodate their country. Throughout history, America is known to embed these changes with the age of progressivism and revolution. For instance,   John Locke once stated in his writing Second Treatise of Government, “Where there is no law, there is no freedom.” Every society makes and enforces laws that govern the individuals, businesses, and other organizations that function within. Since the American revolution, individuals have celebrated and enjoyed their God-given rights. This has manifested itself in America throughout the years, even in isolationism has managed to maintain its focus in domestic affairs to propel itself against other nations. Furthermore, America’s firm belief in its capitalism democratic principles has propelled it compared to other nations. In order to truly understand the influence that the Revolutionary war had on America, it is crucial to understand the root causes of these changes. One of the root cause the American Revolutionary War was the colonial legislatures that were enacted by the King. The enactment of these laws meant that that the colonies continued to be pass laws and pay taxes to atone the sins of the Great Britain. King George III clearly had a safety net to protect himself when he was in trouble. In order to fund his financial burdens, the King would impose illogical taxes to the colonists. His behavior was brilliantly captured by Thomas Paine. In his literary work the “common sense” described King George as a “ ...Show more


The Impact of the American Revolution: an intricate perspective The American revolutionary war is without a doubt vital piece towards the culmination of American history. It has been a testament of the American dream in a manner that has showcased the characteristics that have defined Modern America…
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American revolutionary era essay example
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It also underlines the relationship between the American Revolution and the institution of slavery as it affected the African Americans. Thus, the paper gives an account of the consequences of the American Revolution on the lives of the African Americans, especially with regard to slavery.
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The website contains up-to-date information and was recently updated on 4th of July this year. However, the sources for majority of information have not been cited in the text and it’s difficult to track additional information on particular subject matter.
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People started brewing ideas of freedom and equality that have never stopped molding the world since that era. They became widespread and effective. This revolutionary era commenced in North America in 1775 hence becoming one of the most influential countries in Europe1.
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Moreover, she dispelled the perceived notion of women as “passive participants” during the revolution but as “comrades and partners” with their male counterparts. Furthermore, the book offered insight into the social cultural norms of the women during the colonial era and elaborated on the changes that occurred as a result of the revolution.
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This equality is granted as a natural right like breathing air, it is ideally, applied to all human beings, regardless of race, ethnicity culture, religion, skin color, gender, or philosophies. However, that has not always been the case. There was a time when people living in the United States, in the 1770s, during the colonial period, began to perceive “equality” differently from one another.
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Yorktown-American Revolutionary War. The battle of Yorktown was all about America’s revolution in a bid to become an independent state. The battle is said to have began in 1775 and ended in 1783 following the surrender of British troops and German allies1.
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The war had a huge effect on the colonists’ lives and this in turn contributed towards the conduct and course of the war. A large number of American tribes who resided in the east of the Mississippi river found it difficult to decide whether to participate in the war, and if so, then whose side to support.
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Their lives were transformed in myriad ways despite the promise of equality and liberty for all during the revolutionary era. (DePauw, pp.153) In the 18th Century, the major role of Colonial Women in Revolutionary War is primarily focused at home. In other words, the women are just the adherent of their husband.
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