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Spain The country, hertiages, the people , cullture etc.... total of 3 questions - Essay Example

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Spain The country, hertiages, the people , cullture etc.... total of 3 questions

It is essential to learn how to adapt to changes we meet in another country. Such country as Spain has its own traditions, which can influence everybody who learns about it. For example, a person who learns Spanish traditions can learn how to conduct calm and comfortable life. The fact is that, for example, Americans, like to work and get results quickly. Spaniards do not like to hurry and devote more time to every issue. Also, Spaniards pay much attention to their cultural traditions, which are reflected in art. Thus every person can adopt this devotion to culture and art. Spaniards like to organize holidays and their way of life is usually merrier than the way of life of Americans. Leaning about Spain it is impossible not to adopt this way of life as Spaniards know how to enjoy life, while Americans devote their life to business. Moreover, the history of Spain shows that Spaniards are the unique nation that managed to change its political conditions seamlessly. Some facts from their history can serve as an example and teach learners to implement changes slowly and without stress. 2. Two Spains The Second Spain existed in 1931—1939 during the period of Revolution in Spain. The term “Two Spains” became relevant due to the influence this period imposed on Spain’s further development. ...
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Name Subject Date Spain 1. How one can change learning about Spain Leaning about other countries is beneficial for all the people as it provides a perfect opportunity to get to know about different history and traditions. Such experience is very beneficial for future work in the conditions of globalization…
Author : erichowell

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