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The Impact of Second World War on European Societies

The impact of the violence was never lost in that generation of people who saw death and destruction like never before. This led to the formation of United Nations on one end and on the other; there was a strong support in the social front of every nation to be out of the violence (Giddens, A. 1985). Military was slowly and steadily weaned away from the ruling community over a period of time. It happened in all major countries who were involved in the war. Though immediately after the war, the war heroes were honoured and they were dominating in the political sphere too. But soon, military lost its ground with respect to the political power and clout that they wielded. This was seen as a victory for the peace loving society at large.
Many social practices were influenced by the World War II. Ideologies could not hold ground because of the violence that they were seen to breed (Hobsbawm, E. 2002). Fascism found its natural death after the huge violence that its practices preached. While large scale political changes were in the offing with the increasing effect of communism and labour right movements across the world. The class divide was coming down. ...
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Second World War left more than two million people dead in war and more than USD 5 billion damaged. The impact on the psyche of the society was tremendous. Every one had to talk about the war that raged for nearly ten years destroying to shambles most part of Europe, Asia and parts of northern Africa…
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