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Struggle for Womens Vote

P. 15, John Smart (2001). "20th Century British Drama," Cambridge University Press,UK.
The other side of that era had come to be known as the Great Depression in the US. This was brought on by the Wall Street crash of 1929 which swept the world's financial markets. P. 17 As economic conditions deteriorated, coal
mine owners reduced miners wages to trigger a massive strike of coal miners. In England, the Labour Party itself and the Trade Union Congress joined 4 million workers in supporting the widespread protest of miners. Hunger marches were later held in London and elsewhere.
While the world economy went into a tailspin, a crisis of ideology came along with it. Many begun to doubt the capability of capitalism, already found difficult to defend morally as it were, to deliver jobs and prosperity. Many thinkers saw in the crisis the fulfillment of Marx's ideas that capitalism was doomed. They began to look at communism as one that offered a fairer and more efficient system.
Against this backdrop of unfilled needs and prevailing mood for protest, women picked up the fight for suffrage with greater determination and, after a long and hard struggle, won it. ...
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There were two faces to the 20th century, which is remembered as the era of unprecedented innovation, transition and change. One side of that era had been variously called the Jazz Age, 1 Roaring Twenties, the Gay Twenties, which all referred to the phenomenon of the young casting aside their parents' values and living their lives in new and more daring ways…
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