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The history of epidemiology

In the field of medicine, epidemiology is as old as Anton van Leeuwenhoek, 1632-1723, a merchant. Anton van Leeuwenhoek's discovery of 'animalcules' from the white material he got from his teeth encouraged successive studies and findings on the existence of organisms that cause diseases as well as the spread of the same organisms in nature.Leeuwenhoek fabricated about 500 different lenses of varied multiplier capabilities in terms of the size of the organisms which he studied. With the lenses, he confirmed the existence of organisms, a lot smaller than what any human eye can see, in some places like pond water, blood, seminal fluid, and diarrheal stools (Engelkirk and Burton, 2007). In 1822-1895, Louis Pasteur, a French who became proficient in Chemistry while working at perfecting fermentation process for wine production discovered that there are organisms that can survive in the absence of oxygen, so long as there is abundant food for growth, the development and multiplication. Among his other discoveries, Pasteur, a chemist, established the concept that a particular organism can cause a specific disease, for example, rabies. To control the spread of the organisms and the spread of the disease, Pasteur in one of his experiments' accidentally developed anti-rabies vaccine. After application, the vaccine saved the life of a boy who was bitten by a dog infested by the virus rabies. The vaccine made the recipient actively resistant to rabies infection ...Show more


Epidemiology is an organized method of knowing the link among assorted issues that establish the occurrence and spread of diseases, resulting to what is commonly known as outbreak. Epidemiology is often characterized as a modern medical discipline in the 19th century…
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