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Royal Cult of Seleukid Empire

(White, 2008; Pp 156 - 159)
In any empire that has been inherited from the clutches of a great ruler such as Alexander the Great, there is always a need to ensure that the royal cult is omnipresent in the way the land is ruled. In the case of the Seleukid Empire, the access to documents has been of central importance in studying the direction taken by the royal in directing the affairs of the state. This paper will place special focus on these documents as well as the rituals that demonstrate the extent of the direction provided by the royal cult of the Seleukid Empire. The paper will basically study whether the royal cult of the Seleukid Empire directed the state from above or was simply concentrated in the Greek cities. (White, 2008; Pp 156 - 159)
The Eastern territories that include countries like India, Iran, Turkey and many more countries, hold special significance as far as the matters of the state and direction from the royal cult is concerned. The influence of this came from the fact that the citizens in these countries regarded the king as God sent. Therefore, his word was the last word. Influences of Indian and other languages can be seen in ancient Greek history as well as the history of the Seleukid Empire. ...
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The Seleukid Empire was formed between 334 BC and 323 BC. Military campaigning for better control and organisation marked the true character of the royal cult of the Seleukid Empire. As an overthrow of the kingdom of Alexander the Great, the Selukid Empire was one of the three divisions that were made after the death of the great ruler…
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