Roman Fashion

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Costume basically pertains to dress and wardrobe. It can be a distinct type of attire of either a person or a society at a specific time. Several forms of art have used the term costume to denote particular style of clothing worn to effectively portray a character.


Due to lifestyle developments, individuals and societies have learned to use their clothing, with the aid of other decorations, as a form of nonverbal expression of their personality, occupation, status, and affiliation. Fashion refers to the way of carrying and styling these clothing with accessories, hairstyle, adornment and body art.
Fashion does not merely converse individual identity in such a way that it instantly let other people see and understand a person, as it may speak of plain sophistication or even a personal rage, moreover, it demonstrate a social perception. This is greatly evident in the way fat women were once considered beautiful whereas current fashion trend have somehow made a vast promotion of diet, exercise and even surgery with its picture of beauty as being slim. A person can be identified to a certain tribe, organization or field of work by merely looking at his/her wardrobe. Attires may explain a person's role, may she be a housewife or a company manager. It can be a mode of displaying once wealth as well as poverty. As Thorstein Veblen, an economist of the book The Theory of the Leisure Class, has wrote "our apparel is always in evidence and affords an indication of our pecuniary standing to all observers at first glance... ". With its vast influence, stating all its implications would be a tedious job, if not impossible. ...
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