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Nacirema People and Their Rituals

Nacirema culture used to be investigated by anthropologists and ethnologists, who, nevertheless, could not discover origin of these people. In a number of works Nacirema is described as a social group with quite developed market economy and flexibility for changes in their social behaviors, but still extremely dependent on their beliefs. Performing their body rituals, based on the belief that human body is naturally ugly, weak and imperfect, still takes a lot of their daily time and efforts. Many researches about Nacirema are written in rather ironical tone, but personally I would not share such an attitude to this ethnicity. To my mind, principles of their culture are not primitive or excessively superstitious. They are practicing their body-rituals in order to reach good physical shape and spiritual balance, comfort and wellbeing. In addition, there are many familiar similar “body-ceremonies” in our own culture, like brushing teeth or shaving, which every one of us performs frequently. ...
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Nacirema culture is a unique society, which inhabits territories between the Canadian Cree, the Northern Mexican States, and the Carib and Arawak of the Antilles. This group of people is known for their exotic spiritual viewpoints…
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