The 'New Look' in Foreign Policy

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The creation and testing of atomic warheads in the post World War II period fuelled the existing mistrust between the US and the Soviets. Larger weapons and the ability to deliver them across oceans raised valid concerns about the Soviet's intentions. They had shown a high capacity for aggression and conquering in Europe during this period.


It was in the midst of this turmoil that Eisenhower implemented the 'New Look' foreign policy. Eisenhower's 'New Look' policy was a novel approach to military defence that kept his critics at bay and set the stage for the future of the Cold War and the next 20 years of US and Soviet history.
Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected president in 1952 in a political climate of too many enemies and not enough money. The popular ex-commanding General came into office determined to keep the Soviets from extending their scope any wider in Europe while staying out of direct, armed conflict. He was concerned about domestic policy and was insistent on not sacrificing the necessary spending at home while trying to build up what would become the biggest arms race in history. Every camp had their pet project and it was up to Eisenhower to make a plan that would work
To understand what was new with the 'New Look', it's necessary to set the stage with the backdrop of events at the time. Eisenhower had been elected in 1952 and assumed office in January 1953. The Cold War had stagnated with all indications showing that Stalin was having aggressive tendencies in Europe. ...
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