The 'New Look' in Foreign Policy - Essay Example

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The 'New Look' in Foreign Policy

Th paper outlines the necessity of 'New Look'. In retrospect, faced with a nuclear threat from the Soviets and their aggressive nature after World War II, the United States did not have a lot of options to attempt to roll back Soviet domination in Eastern Europe. The 'New Look' policies were a reasonable approach in line with the policies of containment practised at the time. Early on into the massive build-up program, it was recognised that nuclear weapons were of no value to discourage an enemy or wage a regional war. When called on to use them in Dien Bien Phu in 1954, Eisenhower was faced with the reality that the eventual outcome was simply too horrendous to ever be of use. Yet, in the long run, the potential of mutually assured destruction may have prevented a major nuclear detonation by either side. The build-up and arms race that resulted from Eisenhower's 'New Look' foreign policy left a deep and lasting impression on the American psyche. It created the biggest arms race in the history of the world and as for preventing a nuclear attack, whether it did or not, we are certain that it did not happen. ...
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The paper outlines the effect of 'New Look' and its appearing itself. The effect of the 'New Look' foreign policy was felt in the United States as keenly as it was by the Soviets. In fact, the massive nuclear threat probably affected the everyday citizen the most. …
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