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History of bioterrorism - Essay Example

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The history of bioterrorism dates back to antiquity but perhaps the bible has the first documentation of an event of this kind.Many wars were fought and won using bioterrorism as a tool.One of the main events in the history of bioterrorism is the mailing of letters infected with Bacillus Anthracis in the United States…

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History of bioterrorism

Bioterrorism or in other words Biological warfare is defined as "intentional use of living organisms or their toxic products to cause death, disability or disease in man, animal or plants or to poison food and water supplies" ("The Biological Bomb", 1968).One of the most widely known events of bioterrorism took place in 2001. During september, the United states had to witness a biological attack mediated my mailing spores of Bacillus anthracis. The postal mailing of letter infected with Bacillus anthracis was the protocol used. The event resulted in development of anthrax in 22 persons and death of 5 patients. Theses attacks also lead to contamination of many government buildings posing a serious threat to the people of United States. Investigations have been carried into the attacks but so far no conclusive results have been drawn. As such more than 10,000 people were advised a post exposure prophilaxis. There were false rumours all around. A high alert signal rang up everyone's mind. People started to think of Unites States as an unsafe place to live or work. Since no advance preparedness was available so a rapid response grew up among clinicians, laboratorians and media. People were informed about everything regarding the spread of anthrax. Guidelines were issued for the rapid and proper diagnosis of anthrax and "primary care clinicians played a key role in managing post exposure prophylactic treatment interventions and their complications in the second phase of the response to the recent bioterrorist attack". ...
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