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A History of Hesbulla - Essay Example

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This paper is an analysis of the origins, historical development, and the ideologies of Hesbulla, a resistance movement organization established in Lebanon that has evolved over the last 25 years into one of Lebanon’s major political parties and a controversial group that some countries…

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A History of Hesbulla

The paper "A History of Hesbulla" has four parts. Part one is about the origins of Hesbulla. Part two outlines and explains the ideologies that led to the creation, development, and the current state of Hesbulla. Part three reports on its major developments since foundation to the present. Part four is an assessment of how to situate the organization and its plans in current international and domestic affairs. Trouble in the Middle East has been going on for centuries as Arabs and Jews fought over land that both claimed to be theirs. During the time of the Roman Empire some two thousand years ago, the countries that are now known as Israel, Palestine, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon have been a battleground among conquering and conquered peoples and nations. These conflicts reached a major flashpoint after the Second World War when the State of Israel was created in 1948 (Owen, 1992). Recounting this brief historical background is important to realize that the Middle East conflict is not rooted in Islamic ideology, but something that is perhaps deeper and that goes farther back in time. However, Islam was a strong factor that provided a cultural and religious bond for differing Middle Eastern Arabic tribes to unite against a common enemy, the Jews, although Islam was not a guarantee of peace in itself as it too was racked by different streams of thought: Shi’a, Sunni, Salafi, Kurds, etc. For centuries and even before Israel was created in 1948, these Arabic tribes fought each other as vehemently as they now fight against Israel (Tarrow, 1994; Owen, 1992).
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