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Thirty Years' War caused by religious tensions

Perhaps the most significant outcome of the religiously coloured tensions between adherents of the Protestantism and the Roman Catholic Church, that ensued from the actual religious division within Germany, was represented by the devastating Thirty Years' War of 1618-48. Indeed, it is estimated that up to one-third of the German population was lost due to military activities and ensuing diseases and famine. Historians suppose that the pre-war population level was reached only in almost a century after the end of Thirty Years' War. Economy of Germany was also in disarray due to the ruin brought in by the Thirty Years' War, so that the economic deterioration that already was significant in the second half of the 16th was further worsened. ...
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The period of European history between 1500-1750 was filled with events and tendencies which to a large degree defined the later history of the whole world. Maybe that is why this period is also often called early modern history. Indeed, during this period the Renaissance concluded, new forms of science and philosophy emerged and laid grounds for the Enlightenment and for the appearance of the modern scientific methods, the great geographic discoveries opened up a multitude of new lands for exploration…
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