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Essay example - Comparing and Contrasting American Families Then and Now

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American families have succumbed to a major transformation since the colonial period. However, two ideals have stayed intact during this adaptation process concerning changing times. The implication of the female role being the primary caretaker of the house and family and the male figure being the prominent financial supporter has not drifted far from its original conception, with regard to the implementation of the original idea, in colonial America…

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In the times of early civilization and progress you would find the male counterpart toiling the fields for crop preparation or working in the stables, etc. The female counterpart would be at home gardening to plant vegetables, placing the family meal of stew over the fire pit, doing the laundry, milking the cows, etc (Smith1994).
The position of co-head of household was a very significant position in colonial America. It required the woman to insure everything was running smoothly, that the children were well tended to and doing their studies and the house was presentable but quaint (Smith1994). In contrast to the 20th century there is not much of a difference. Perhaps the main variations that would be found would be the fact that women have more rights now than they did then but the moral values are still held in the minds and hearts of many women in this time era(Lichter1994). Colonial times involved much more detail than does the 20th century. Everything was done from scratch where today, we as women can go out and buy prepackaged pancake mix, already cut beef, eggs in cartons, etc. For the colonists this was not available so therefore the contrast here is evident. ...
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