African Islamic movement in the United States

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Islam has deep origins in the African-American practice of religion,roots that can be traced back to the period of slavery black Sunni communities in the United States.Islam played a greatly encouraging role in the evolution of a distinct African-American identity…


Islam has deep origins in the African-American practice of religion, roots that can be traced back to the period of slavery and early 20th century black Sunni communities in the United States. Islam played a greatly encouraging and ideological role in the evolution of a distinct African-American identity This study will outline the spiritual, ideological and psychological way for tracing the course of Islamic expansion within the United States and how has the matter of race in the United States influenced the practices and the community experiences of black Sunni Muslims who conventionally see Islam as a color and race-blind religion.Malcolm X's Hajj in 1964 and Warith Deen Mohammed's transformation of the Nation of Islam into an orthodox community in 1975 are two of the more recent visible signs of the importance of mainstream Islam in the African-American experience (American Black Islam, 1989). African Americans comprise about 42% of the Muslim population in the United States, which conservatively is somewhere between four to six million; and Sunni African-American Muslims are the predominant community in the United States today.Muslim slaves-involuntary settlers, who had been the urban-ruling elite in West Africa - comprised at least 15% of the slave populace in North America in the 18th and 19th centuries. Their spiritual and racial roots could be tracked to ancient black Islamic monarchy in Ghana, Mali, and Sohghay. ...
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