The birth & growth of anti-westernism sentiments in the Middle East - Essay Example

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The birth & growth of anti-westernism sentiments in the Middle East

In terms of personal interaction at the university, both my supervisors have been outstanding in that they have reached out to help me in regards; by providing me bibliographical support as also their advice on the topic that I should take up as part of my research. I am indeed grateful to them for having stood by me after having understood the unexpected personal circumstances that I have had to go through.
But as is well known; one needs to do a lot of groundwork in order to produce a clear road plan for taking up research activity, by attending seminars and conferences, and this is where I have been outraced. Due to my personal problems, I was unable to attend any of these that were held at the university, even though I very much wanted to go. Another major obstacle has been that I have not been able to move to Paris either, which was the prime reason to shift to a part-time status after having discussed the issue with my supervisors.
This report aims to describe what I have been doing ever since then and also aims to outline my proposed plan for doing research. Due to the above-mentioned problems, I subsequently started to attend many seminars at the School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS). The following list describes the various seminars that I have attended so far at SOAS:
During this period, I did not attend any research training courses as I had prior experience of having attend ...
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My life since the last few months has been similar to the quote above. Even though most of the things that I had planned & expected to do, did not go as planned; the past few months have been a good experience as well in terms of many other aspects of my life…
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