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Second World War - Essay Example

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Second World War

The latter seriously wanted to put a full stop to their expansionism. Unfortunately, the growth of fascist attitudes in these nations had stemmed as a chain reaction from the wounded feelings and humiliation meted out to Germany by the US and its friendly nations at the end of the First World War.
The First World War had resulted in wounded feelings among Germany and its friendly nations. The greatest combine of US, Britain and France had forced on Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and Bulgaria several peace treaties as soon as the first global war ended. At the height of anti-German hatred in 1919, the Big Three 1 had forced
the wounded Germany to sign the Treaty of Versailles. Finding no alternative, Germany had obliged bowing to the dictates of the Big Three. Neither America nor its friendly countries had imagined that the Germany's humiliation at their hands would arouse in course of time national feelings in that country leading to the emergence of dictatorial, highly powerful and ambitious leadership. As per the treaty, Germany had agreed to the principle of self-determination of different nationalities. Under the famous 14-point formula 2 proposed by Woodrow Wilson and ably supported by Clemenceau and George, old pre-war European empires were broken, and the map of Europe was redrawn to ensure that each nationality lived with in its own borders, independent of foreign powers. It had resulted in Germany losing 13.5% of its land and 12.5% of its population (1). This was the main reason for much of the heart- burn caused to the Germans. Obviously and ironically, US had never abided by the 14 points proposed by its President Woodrow Wilson. Later it became clear that the US proposed this formula with a view to cornering Germany only. As the years went by, Germany had come to know of the tricks of trade adopted by the US and thought that the latter proposed this 14-point formula to suit only the American interests. Germany was not wrong in this assessment as President Woodrow Wilson had backed out of his own propositions. Germany, already wounded and bruised after the First World War, had nurtured this grouse against US and it helped in strengthening the nationalistic feelings among Germans, which helped Adolph Hitler come to power.

2 President Wilson had proposed, under this formula, to establish the League of Nations to promote international cooperation and peace, although the United States never joined the League. Essentially powerless, it was officially dissolved in 1946.


Hitler's rise to power in Germany

Because of the humiliation meted out to Germany, it had witnessed an upward trend in patriotic fervor and nationalism after the peace settlements. In the name of National Socialism or Nazism, National Socialist German Workers' party had gradually established popularity among the German masses under the leadership of Adolph Hitler. He had reorganized and ...Show more


The Second World War began in 1939 and ended in 1945. In this second global conflict, Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union, the United States, China, and other allies formed into one group known as the Allies and defeated the other group known as the Axis consisting of Germany, Italy, and Japan…
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Second World War essay example
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