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Extended Essay On Illumination

The Roman Catholic have been actively engaged in the European politics, and have substantial control on the will of the masses, and the constitution of these republics. The civil society was extremely disturbed and annoyed by the continuous involvement and interference of the religious groups in the political and administrative issues of the state. It is this spirit which resulted in rebellious approach by the civil society; the establishment of the society of Illuminati was in actual an attempt to mobilise the masses against monarch.
It is important to realise that no association or linkages exist between famous scientists and society of Illuminati. All the linkages described in the history are "part of mythical genealogies with no historical basis". The members of the society of Illuminati were professional lawyers, public officers and liberal clergyman. The teachings of Weishaupt at the forum of Illuminati strongly focused upon version of the Enlightenment philosophy proposed by Immanuel Kant; "Weishaupt ostensibly claimed to be against the continuing reactionary influence of the Jesuits, but not against Roman Catholicism". Mr. ...
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Illuminati is a Greek word and means submission to Christian baptism. The followers who agreed to baptize were called Illuminati. The existence of the society of Illuminati is unsolved mystery. The historians have found substantial evidence which has regarded this society as political force with religious cover to seek support of the local population…
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