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Regional integration arrangements

Examples of regional economic integration include the GCC (Gulf Co-operation Corporation), NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Association) and the EU (European Union). This is just a few of the many regional economic arrangements currently proliferating across the globe. Regional Integration Arrangements (RIAs) are becoming increasingly prevalent in a modern context; what are the effects of regional integration on political actors' Do RIAs promote multilateralism or are they stumbling blocks, as opposed to stepping stones, to collective action' Seeking to address these concerns and many more with respect to the increased prevalence of RIAs in an era of globalization, the following will explore regional integration and multilateralism in a comparative context. Using an analysis of regional integration, organizational growth and multilateralism within the EU, this essay will determine whether multilateralism is hindered or facilitated through regional integration. We begin first, however, with a concise overview of the modern globalization phenomenon.
Globalization is an international phenomenon with important geopolitical ramifications. ...
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Globalization is an international phenomenon with far-reaching consequences in the social, political and economic realms. Economic globalization, namely the spread of neoliberalism and capitalist-inspired consumerism as the dominant engine of economic growth, has both supporters and detractors…
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