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Rhetoric from renaissance to modern day

It is important to understand from the very beginning, that the division of the history of rhetoric into periods is somewhat conventional. In fact, from the moment of the emergence of rhetoric in its classical form, and through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the period of the early modern history, and up until modern times there was taking place an interconnected process of diversification of fields of application of rhetoric, as it was endowed with many different tasks during its 2500 year history by needs of politics, religion, philosophy, and science. In general, in the time that preceded the Renaissance rhetoric was made to serve Christian religious goals instead of political ones as it was the case with the classical rhetoric. Also, during the Middle Ages the classical prescriptive attitude to notion of good composition was greatly intensified, so that many medieval rhetoric works contained only rules and examples of composition. In the early Renaissance there appeared rhetoric that followed classical examples but was composed in vernacular language. Rhetoricians who practiced such an approach accentuated the examination of style, and at times directly connected their vision with poetry. ...
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Rhetoric, being an art of speaking or writing persuasively to convey certain impressions, or promote concrete interpretations, especially to support the power of a speech or a text to reveal the truth, has always played a very important practical role in the history of development of man as a sentient being…
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