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Japanese city - Research Proposal Example

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Research Proposal
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1. Kobe, Japan is a port city and boasts of a strategically located Kansai airport, which makes it well connected to the rest of the country as well as to the neighboring countries ( With a pleasant climate of an average temperature of about 17.1', the city has indeed been blessed with an excellent natural condition which is extremely conducive to both business and daily life (Overview of Kobe).

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Japanese city

Kobe has once been considered the most earthquake safe part of the country until 1995 when the great Hanshin Earthquake devastated the city.
Kobe is known for its delicious cakes and coffee, "row of historic houses and precious cultural assets and various other delights" ( It also boasts of a rich natural heritage as relics are displayed in the museums. In fact, one of the great places in Kobe is the Kobe Archaeological Center which sorts, stores and exhibits artifacts from excavations of remains in the city (Kobe Convention and Visitors Association).
Kobe is known as an "international city" with a diverse population of foreign residents. It is highly industrializes, with a variety of industries such as production of parts to manufacture of finished products, the leading edge R&D and the growing information technology (Overview of Kobe). Being a port city, some of its industries are port-related such as steel production, ship-building, foodstuffs, shipping and warehousing. Blessed with abundant natural resources such as the bodies of water, Kobe government has moved from the traditional method of fishing to modern aquaculture (Overview of Kobe).
One of the most bankable and easiest jobs for me in Kobe is an English teacher. ...
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