Japanese Americans in WWII - Essay Example

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Japanese Americans in WWII

During the Second World War, the American government forcefully evacuated the Japanese Americans even though this was a strict violation of citizenship rights. This period in American history is one of the blackest blots on American history. Indeed, Andrews was correct. It is now generally recognized that the removal of over 100,000 Japanese Americans from the West Coast during World War II and their internment in so-called "relocation centers" was not motivated by legitimate security needs; rather the Roosevelt Administration's policy both developed from and fanned anti- Japanese racism in this country. The U.S. government itself has apologized for its wartime actions that, as one presidential commission retrospectively concluded, constituted "a grave injustice ... to American citizens and resident aliens of Japanese ancestry." (Mikkelsen, 211)
In the panic after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in December of 1941, leaders in the Japanese American communities of the western United States were rounded up and sent to "internment camps," prisons run by the Justice Department. ...
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This subject of Japanese Americans and World War II is clearly the most written about episode in Asian American history and perhaps is the most recognized historical event of significance to Asian Americans among contemporary Americans. That memory is perpetuated, in both books and the public discourse, in large part by those who, like Mikkelsen, highlight the past to secure the future…
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