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The American Civil War and Industrialization

The American Civil War between the years 1861-1865 A.D. at the outset was concerned with slavery of the Southern American Confederate states under Jefferson Davis and the abolition of slavery and the Union of the United States of America. In truth, the American Civil War was an economic war that created economic decisions that would allow America to usher itself into the industrializing world. Although in most cases slavery saves money for capitalists however, the maintenance of slavery was another matter. During the 1850s, the Northern States of America had a better economic situation rather than the Southern states. The Southern states were largely cottage industries that depended on slave labour. This was contrary to the Northern American states that bore the free market, free trade policies (Elkins 1976). New York that approved the emancipation that was passed to abolish slavery quickly became one of the wealthiest states in Northern America the use of slave labour was more expensive than that of free labour. Slavery wasn’t really a profitable venture, firstly, the cost of slaves is more than the cost of employing an unskilled worker in the industrial states. Including the cost of the slave was the cost of slave maintenance. Slave owners had to be careful in their handling of slaves, overworking them and making them ill and die would cost money, in addition they also wanted to perpetuate their slaves therefore they had to allow their slaves to mate in order to produce offspring. ...Show more


The American Civil War between the years 1861-1865 A.D. at the outset was concerned with slavery of the Southern American Confederate states under Jefferson Davis and the abolition of slavery and the Union of the United States of America…
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