Revolutions in 20th Century Latin America

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The twentieth century is considered to be the century of change. The radical changes that happen across the globe were never experienced ever before. This might be the reason why the British President Sir Winston Churchill called it the 'wind' of change. The world experienced for the first them, but twice in the century, the world war.


Latin America was one of those lands which underwent frequent revolutions. Twentieth century as well as the Caribbean lands are no exceptions. This paper is intended to identify the various reasons for the revolutions in the Latin America. Due to the space constraints two revolutions are taken into account; the Cuban revolution in 1959 and 'tenants revolution' in Brazil in 1930.
Any revolution is not a one night process. A whole domain of social, cultural, geographical, internal and external political and/or economical factors plays their role to evolve a revolution. Thus, before analyzing the causes of revolution, it is empirical to have a glance into the social, cultural, geographical, political and/or economical setup of the land in particular and the region in general. When we will analyze them all and try to map them on the chronology of the revolution, this way the causes would be highlighted themselves.
United States of America had helped Cuba achieve independence in 1898 from the Spanish domination, thus it was quite obvious that US had an influence over the Cuban Affairs, local as well international, since the day one. ...
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