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Book Report/Review example - English History

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Book Report/Review
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Literature holds the mirror to life. Life in its various manifestations constitutes what is called the society of man. Literature, no doubt, records in it the life and society from which it emerges, in doing so it can never distort the truth or magnify it…

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But Maxim Gorkey in his powerful writings has visualized a liberated society of the proletariats in Russia. The works of Tagore offer a comprehensive study of Indian society at large.
In this context it should be mentioned that not too many people who have studied the English at an academic level can possibly be ignorant to the effect a certain Bede (usually referred to as the Venerable Bede) managed to have on the race. The Venerable Bede or Saint Bede was and is of particular importance to the English due to his much acclaimed and extremely famous book called 'The Ecclesiastical History of the English People' (or Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum) which earned him the reverential title of "The father of English History". Mouthful though that title is Bede himself was not burdened with that salutation for the most of his life.
For the larger part of it he remained an innocuous enough Benedictine Monk in Northumbria. Much of his childhood and the rest of his life he spent in the Monastery of St. Peter located in Monkwearmouth. Unfortunately all we really know about Bede's life today is from a small note he himself added at the end of his esteemed book Historia, wherein he describes exactly how he was brought to the aforementioned monastery at the age of 7, how he managed to become a deacon 12 years later and how 18 years after that he finally became a priest. (Lamb, 2004)
In his ...
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