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Changes in Britains Society during WWII

Men were now called upon to not only take up arms but also to till the land, to provide rations to the fighting force, and to make weapons. Every man had to contribute to the war effort, be it by joining the armed forces or making weapons.
The Second World War was and is the topic of much speculation, debate and inquiry and the humongous literature which this war produced is unparalleled in scope. This war affected the whole world at large, while its impact on the participating nations is felt even to this day. In Britain this war was called the People's War and it changed the lives of the men and women and children who lived through it, by altering the political idiom and changing the social landscape. Professor Sonya O. Rose, in her book titled "Which People's War National Identity and Citizenship in Wartime Britain, 1939-1945" gives an account of the general mood of the time and the consensual nature of the general population, who banded together, unmindful of class, gender, age, or political affiliations to defeat the common enemy-Nazi Germany. This war was total in its scope, in that no life was left untouched by the upheavals it caused.
Professor Rose, in her work has also placed a great deal of emphasis on the ideal of nationalism which permeated the national consciousness. ...
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Wars are often the cause of divisions in society, caused by bickering politicians and major economic constraints brought about due to diversion of funds to the war effort, but the Second World War, was found to bring together people for a common cause like no other event before this…
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