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Russo-Japanese War

The war demonstrated the defensive strength of entrenched automatic weapons and the offensive power of indirect artillery fire. Russia, in losing every battle on land and sea, betrayed ominous military deficiencies; Japan, displaying the professionalism of its armed services, vaulted to great power status and destroyed forever the myth of Western invincibility.A victorious Japan forced Russia to abandon its expansionist policy in the Far East, becoming the first Asian power in modern times to defeat a European power. The defeat of Russia was met with shock both in the West and especially across Asia. That a non-Western country could defeat an established power in such a large military conflict was particularly inspiring to various anti-colonial independence movements around the world.
Japanese historians think this war was a turning point of Japan and a key to understanding why Japan failed militarily and politically later. The acrimony that occurred in Japan's society went to every class and level, and shortly became the consensus within Japan that they had been treated as the defeated power during the peace conference. The world’s major powers, nevertheless, failed to heed the lesson of how modern technol-ogy had transformed land warfare into a deadly morass. Assimilating these lessons would be bought with blood and treasure only nine years later on the fields of World War I ...
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The Russo-Japanese War, with its use of machine guns, modern artillery, trenches and barbed wire, was the first truly modern conflict of the twentieth century. It was also the first great modern war that was observed and reported in almost every detail. This paper speaks about the origins of the war, military operations and why did Japan win and Russia lose…
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