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The Rural Riverina and the Urban Perth

In 2005 when Wagga Wagga region of Riverina projected a population of 58,055 ranking 29th in the list of populated cities in Australia (Wagga Wagga 2007), the Perth region ranked 4th with a population of 1,477,800 and a population density of 274.4 per sq. km in the same year (Perth 2007). According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics the Perth metropolitan area alone accounted for around 73% of Western Australia's population (Department of Local Government 2005).
In Perth people over the age of 65+ were found to be the fastest growing age group in 1996-2001 (Department of Local Government 2005). Considerable growth was also observed in the 0-14 year age group during the same inter-census period (Department of Local Government 2005). The picture was just a bit different in the Riverina region where a steady rise in the number of people in the age group of 30+ mostly paved the way for growth in the region (Riverina Regional Development Board n.d.a). The fall in the population of the younger age groups mainly below 30 was overcome to a certain extent by the consistent rise in the older demographics (Riverina Regional Development Board n.d.a).
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A study of the Riverina and the Perth located respectively in the eastern and western parts of Australia divulge a beautiful blend of rural and urban environmental factors. The rustic region of Riverina represented as "Riverina ' naturally!" in the branding statement of Riverina Regional Development Board (n.d.b) when compared with the metropolitan area of Perth, the capital and the largest city of Western Australia, reveal an interesting scenario of assorted environments (Perth 2007).
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