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Development of Professional Policing

The emphasis here was on training and skills needed to prevent crime and maintain order. The journey was a long and arduous one for professional policing as its proponents and detractors fought tooth and nail to promote or prevent its development.
The transition phase was a turbulent one as the debate raged on, with arguments flowing thick and fast between those who called for reform and their opponents. In the protracted battle that was to follow the detractors initially gained the upper hand and were able to stall many parliamentary measures that were proposed to establish more professional and effective policing. Eventually the tide turned in favour of the reformers, and the New Police took firm root in English society. A critical analysis of the arguments for and against the development of professional policing in nineteenth century England can prove to be very illuminating for the student of police history.
Towards the end of its tenure, and sometime at the beginning of the nineteenth century the Old police received a lot of criticism and was tried on the charges of inadequacy, inefficiency, corruption and dereliction of duty. There were voices calling out for reform and the establishment of improved policing, meanwhile, the criticism continued to pour in. ...
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The development of Professional Policing in England had its defining moments in the nineteenth century as it bore witness to the tumultuous upheavals that marked the transition from the Old Police to the New Police. The former refers to a style of policing, which is nowadays generally considered archaic and woefully inadequate…
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