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Executive toy - Essay Example

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When I started to work on the assignment my first idea was to make a children toy. There are already millions of different kinds of toys. Some of them are very famous, other have no-known names. Some of them have been developed only a few years ago, other have been played with for thousands of years already.

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Executive toy

However, the interconnection between the toys and technological development is not one-way. Amazingly, the contribution of toys to the progress of technology is quite significant. The article "The Antikythera mechanism" emphasizes that
The origins of much modern technology, from railway engines to robots, can be traced back to the elaborate mechanical toys, or automata, that flourished in the 18th century. Those toys, in turn, grew out of the craft of clockmaking. And that craft, like so many other aspects of the modern world, seems to have roots that can be traced right back to ancient Greece.
Not only technological mechanisms but the simplest and beloved by many children dolls, animal figures and tops originated in either ancient Greece or Rome. Children in Greek and Roman families played with balls, clay dolls and clay rattles, hand carts, hobby horses, hoops and spinning tops.
The playtime often was used to teach children to use things the adults use in everyday life. Through the toys and games children were introduced to the important activities of household economy, carpentry, hunting, etc. It became obvious in the time of Dark Ages & the Middle Ages. ...
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