Gregory of Tours History of the Franks - Book Report/Review Example

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Gregory of Tours History of the Franks

According to Earnest Brehaut, the text is one of the historical records of great importance and the events in the text describe about the perishing of the Roman Empire and the commencement of a great modern state. Although the text deals mainly with the contemporary history of the writer, it has great relevance and value in the modern age as an unconscious revelation. "The language and style, the intellectual attitude with which it was conceived and written, and the vivid and realistic picture, unintentionally given, of a primitive society, all combine to make the History of the Franks a landmark in European culture." (Brehaut) Therefore, this paper intends to undertake an integrated analysis of the text, the History of the Franks, in order to determine its specific characteristics, the purposes of the writer in writing this text, and the particular readers to whom the author conveyed the main ideas of his work. Although the book mainly covers the history contemporaneous to the writer, including the events such as the expiration of the Roman Empire and the commencement of a great modern state, it is of exceptional value to the modern readers as an unconscious revelation of the history. ...
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Historia Francorum or History of the Franks by Saint Gregory of Tours (c. 538 - 594), the Gallo-Roman historian and Bishop of Tours, is one of the salient historical records which tells about the transition from period Roman to the Medieval age and about the institution of one of the Germanic kingdoms…
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