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Emiliano Zapata and Franciso Madero

This was designed to gain the support of other peasants in which he succeeded. Francisco Madero seems to be a person with no pain and no gain attitude and was not focussed on his goal for which he had sought the help of Zapata and fought against the Wealthy Stealers. Madero only wanted a high place and the good will of the prevelidged, rather than land reforms. He was a man who lacked integrity and betrayer who seldom keep promises. He humiliated the Mexicans who want liberty. Madreo is portrayed incapable of governing and disrespect the laws. The plan of Ayala utterly repudiated Madero and spoke of his treachery and tyranny. The Plan of Ayala was a document written by the Mexican Revolutionist Emiliano Zapata to portray the betrayal of President Franciso Madero who detained the throne of Porfirio Diaz with the extreme support of Zapata. Once Madero got the power, he forgot the promises he made to the Mexican people who sought after liberty and joined the hands of the cientificos, land Lords and the bosses who enslave the Mexicans. When Zapata inquired on the fulfillment of the promises of the revolution, he (Madero) ignored and called Zapata a bandit and rebel, an outlaw. Zapata states that Madero is not a capable governor and identified Pascual Orozo as the legitimate chief executive in Mexico. The document shows that Zapata was a true revolutionist who was at the side of the peasants and did not want to enthrall power. ...
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Emiliano Zapata felt that Madero was not a true revolutionary, rather fought for the presidency just because he assumed that Mexico was ready for a democracy. Zapata understood that Madero was not interested in the land reforms he was supposed to initiate and kept the side of the privileged class…
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