Causes of the War with the United States

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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Causes of War with the United States Summary In this article, Josefina Zoraida Vazques unveils that causes and the conditions behind the war between Mexico and the United States. The Mexicans, in general view the war as an ambitious step by the government of the US to capture the most alluring Mexican cities- Texas and specifically California.


While the Mexican fought for the independence of Texas, the US sent its army into Texas in order to gain hold over the state. However, the ambition did not end here and US made plans to extend its rule into California by buying over the state from Mexico. In order to ensure the cooperation of the Mexican government, Polk sent troops into Mexico to intimidate the Mexicans. The Mexicans, though initiated the fight with these troops, had no way of defending themselves since they were still recovering as a newly independent country. The US argued that they were helping Mexicans since Mexico was basically sick country and needed the US for support. While the US was strong and powerful, the Mexicans were economically and physically weak. However, the Mexicans were able to enjoy a bargaining chip for a small period of time as the British and the French were concerned of the resulting shift in balance of power as a result of the foreseeable expansion. While this deterred the war for a certain period of time but the US was able to take over Texas and California after they neutralized the two countries through British-French consent (Vazques, 138). ...
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