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Are Enlightenment values universal - Essay Example

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Are Enlightenment values universal

For this ground, Enlightenment values have by far, to this point, been inevitably embedded on culture under several aspects of living. The post-Renaissance curiosity in an in-depth study of man and the world after the rebirth of learning and rigorous inquisitions herein designate emphasis on humanities and the quest for means to put knowledge to practical use. Such movement toward intellectual revolution, which was mostly regarded as secularistic by nature, causing progressive changes to humanity proceeded out of several factors. For one, increase in the number of academic institutions across the 18th century Europe and North America generated more intellectual people and scholars capable of questioning the prevailing ideologies of the time based upon prominent fields as science, politics, and religion. Enlightenment was also promoted via the extensive publication of printed texts either as periodicals or books where the bulk of information read prompted and encouraged the general public to express various opinions or insights on the subject matter of worldwide interest. ...Show more


Complete Are Enlightenment Values Universal? Beginning with the scientific revolution of the mid-16th century which climaxed in the period of Enlightenment during the 18th century, scientists, artists, writers, scholars, and social reformers had altogether imparted advancement contributions in scientific and philosophical schools of thought…
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Are Enlightenment values universal essay example
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