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Hitler’s table talk

In August 1941, when someone had committed murder in Berlin, Hitler argued that offenders did not need an imprisonment but rather corporal punishment. He argued that the penal system of the time had given the first sentence unnecessary importance. These people deserved corporal punishment only. Sending one to jail would only give them an opportunity to perfect their art of breaking the law. He argued that in prisons other prisoners teach people new tactics. This is the sad truth in most of the prisoners in the world today. However, corporal punishment is not supported in the human rights law code and therefore inapplicable. It is worth noting other prisoners do honestly transform. He concludes that the criminal should just disappear so that they do not face trial. If all criminals disappear into society, crime would rise terribly. It is worthwhile to lock them up in prison but implement strategies that will ensure they transform.
On August 19, Hitler mentioned that for the good of their country, the Germans should wish for war after every fifteen to twenty years. These wars would make sure that their army was preoccupied and not just playing with the soldiers. He further elaborates that he did not regret losing some of the soldiers in war because war creates an opportunity for Germany to enlarge their territory and therefore increase in number. This principle does not comply with the international law. ...
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Adolf Hitler is a famous individual in the history of Germans. He is famous for his dictatorship and intriguing speeches. Many authors have written about him but there are two books he authored to tell the world his story in his own way. …
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